About Sayda Trade

Where we started

We began our journey in 2004, specialising in ceramic and porcelain tiles, where we made a name for ourselves by providing great customer service and offering massive savings.

We quickly grew and relocated to our current premises where we began offering a larger selection of tiles to our growing customer base.

Situated in the heart of Moss Side, Manchester, we were one of the few stores providing an extensive selection of plumbing and tiles, at trade prices, to all our customers.

Large trade outfits at the time tended to alienate a lot of “tradies” and DIY fanatics, who were required to open an account to use their services.

A steady process

We at Sayda Trade prided ourselves on always helping those who needed it most. Whether you were just starting out as a tradie, or you were someone who wanted to take on a DIY project, you could always get your supplies from Sayda Trade. All without paying a hefty price tag or filling out an application.

We knew that improving your home could be stressful, so we always gave our warmest welcome and specialist support to anyone who walked through our doors.

Where we are now

Over a decade later, Sayda Trade continues to be a cornerstone of the M14 postcode. Although we now supply contractors with bigger budgets, we still pride ourselves on being those helpful people that make time and space for those who need it.

Our homes are our bedrock. They are often where we spend most of our time, and they are one of the most important parts of our lives. We have been helping our community build their bedrocks, and build them better, for over 20 years.

Sayda Trade’s goal is to help people build homes they love. Our passion has driven us to make our customers’ shopping experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

The sky is the limit

Not everyone is a builder or has the time to search for all the necessary products required for their projects. We used feedback from our existing customers and updated our product selection to make your buying experience easier and more efficient.

We have been consistently introducing new products that are most often needed for DIY and bespoke projects.

Our extensive product range includes everything you need to fulfil your DIY dreams. From tiles and decorating supplies to bespoke kitchens and full bathroom suites.